Welcome to Custom Design House

Custom Design House or "CDH" is a sole proprietorship and was established in 2010 to support the activities of Energetix LLC in South Africa - prototype development of energy and water systems that run independently of electricity and water mains.


CDH began custom plasma cutting of various steels and small scale manufacture of steel components while continuously researching and improving or changing the designs of small to medium scale energy and water systems. Early in 2018, CDH was able to secure private funds to partially test a water from air system. The conclusions of this study lead to novel designs for small scale residential off grid water and power systems using non conventional refrigeration circuits. The project will continue once funds have been secured.

Concurrently, CDH has kept abreast of developments in the plasma synthesis field and is currently seeking to secure funding to complete a waste to butane synthesis plant, capable of producing 450MT per month of butane from municipal waste.

Whilst production is key, so is distribution. The distribution of energy and water is a major issue in many parts of the world where the existing infrastrucutre is failing. Thus, production on site where they are used is first priority. Production in close proximity is second.

Butane is the best form of energy to transport throughout Africa by rail or road, due to it's unique physical properties and low pressure requirements. Production of butane in communities from the waste they generate is a key component of the new strategy. One of the added major advantages of plasma synthesis is the possibility to convert natural gas to butane, making it easy to transport energy over land and sea. This has huge implications for the rapidly evolving international gas market...

CDH has teamed up with the L2F Foundation, a not for profit organisation, dedicated to the goals of pursuing sustainable energy, food, housing and water supply, job creation, skills development and training in South Africa. L2F has a number of exciting projects pending in these fields that will be funded and  adminisitered through this foundation. A copy of the L2F Foundation  dream and purpose and one of the L2F  constitution are available by clicking the links.

Anyone interested in donating to the Foundation or joining the Foundation may apply to by sending an email requesting further information..